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What We Offer

Why Coaching?  We all need to be inspired and motivated to go to the next level of productivity.  Did you know that Coaching has a far greater success rate than counseling or therapy to enhance ones life.  Enhancing means to increase, intensify, or further improve the quality, and value in ones life.  Highly successful people are coached to build on a stronger foundation. Coaching will intentionally help many to close the gap between where one is and where one wants to go in a career, marriage, health, hobby, time management, and the list goes on!  Like the fresh dew of a new morning help create the life of your client's dreams.

RLC offers you professional certified training courses in Life Coaching, Marriage Coaching and Mental Health Coaching. Start your own Professional Life Coaching business or combine these coaching techniques into your life as a way to help others achieve their goals. Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the marketplace and in ministry. Life Coaching is a wonderful tool to add to your Leadership skills. Coaching unlocks the great abilities, gifts and talents within others and isn't that what your heart is on fire for? You can coach others without them knowing their being coached into their true destiny. You will watch how your clients, co-workers, employees, family and friends start to thrive in their gifts and talents achieving their goals.


RLC offers comprehensive online classes with a "live" professional coach instructor for 12 weeks or 6 accelerated weeks. Certification upon completion of your course(s). Your also will receive business tools and a free lifetime membership in RLC's global network of Coaches. Discounts on seminars and conferences for ongoing coaching skills. Call and schedule your one-hour day or evening class time for group classes or solo classes with your Coach instructor. 


The more the merrier! This is part of the great commission. Online Coaching is a great way to reach the world. After certification you can form seminars, workshops, boot camps, schools, etc. You can Coach an individual or an entire team, group or church.  It's all up to you how you choose to Coach, when, where and with whom.  Social media is a necessary tool to accelerate your ministry and/or business. You will receive many coaching tools to do your coaching business and information on how to get the word out.  

As a student and trainee with RLC you will be validated with a professional impressive certificate upon completion of our coaching course. Coaching is a great way to help people validate themselves, their abilities and goals. RLC offers you many down-loadable coaching forms and skills to ask your client powerful questions. These questions help provoke thought in the Client and assist them in discovering the right answers for themselves. You will have the edge in assisting others to target their desires and reach their goals. This offers validation, meaning and purpose in life.


You, the Coach, become their greatest cheerleader.

Purchase 2 course books via Amazon.

  • Information for books titles will be emailed after enrollment in RLC's welcome letter.

  • All assignment materials will be emailed weekly before each new class.

  • Explore and practice Coaching Foundation skills.

  • Classes are highly interactive.

  • Students can ask about anything they are unsure of during weekly class Q&A.

  • Coaching demonstrations by the instructor.

  • Coaching demonstrations by you to instructor and others.

  • Listen, observe and give feedback as others coach.

  • Inspired to inspire.

  • Achieve Certification.


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