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Start Your Certified Professional Coaching Career Now!

12 weeks! Classes are 1 hour per week with downloaded pages and telephone or Zoom online conferencing. Pay tuition in full or tuition payment plan at end of this page.

Life Coach Certification

Life Coaching is a professional client-focused service which helps your client develop inspiration, and motivation to grow themselves. Life Coaching helps expand your client's vision, build your client's confidence, unlock your client's potential, increase their skills to take practical steps toward their goals.  It is not about only healing; it’s about growing. It focuses less on overcoming weaknesses and more on building skills and strengths. This course training also incorporates sessions on Mental Health. Your client will breakthrough to their desired goals to build their best life now!

$1,200 Per Person

Marriage Coach Certification

Marriage Coaching is a professional client-focused service to help married couples bridge any gaps and keep the sizzle in their marriage.  Marriages gain the tools to unlock their potential and expand clients' vision.  Clients strengthen their marriage and breakthrough old cycles, misunderstandings and obstacles.  Coach clients to rekindle the fires by adding tools that create a marriage God created in heaven. The client learns how to tap into their own creative resources for deeper intimacy, trust, understanding, and resolving issues.  Clients create a new passion for one another.

$1,800 Couple

Life Coach Solo Training Installments


Marriage Coach Solo Training Installments


Tuition / Payment Plans

Life Coach Solo Training - 4 Installments 

Marriage Coach Solo Training - 4 Installments

$400.00 1st payment 5  business days before class starts.  

$400.00 2nd payment by the 4th class 

$400.00 3rd payment by the 8th class is final payment.


Married Couples Only - Both Spouses during same class time - $1,800.00.




There is no refund. Once student has paid any or all portion of tuition and agrees to dates and times of our 6 week accelerated course, a Certified Life Coach has exclusively set aside agreed dates and time slots for student. If student does not successively complete full course agreement according to our policy certification will not be provided.


All credit and debit card payments are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle.

Payment by business or personal check must clear before next class begins. Utilize same payment schedule.



Regal Life Coaching also known as (RLC) is a service that provides training for student to gain certification as a Life Coach, Marriage Coach or Master Coach. RLC does not offer any guaranteed level of success in the coaching field. There are many factors that are beyond RLC's control, therefore, RLC is not legally responsible for any success in your life. You, as the coaching student and graduate of the RLC program, take full responsibility in the decisions you make during and after certification of its training program(s).


Coaching is not therapy, counseling or a medical treatment and that RLC Life or Marriage Coaches are not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological condition. RLC is not licensed by the state as a healing arts practitioner.


RLC is not legally responsible or liable for any of your actions concerning your coaching clients. In our coach training there are no guarantees that you will receive any results from the materials, techniques, or ideas we offer. Our hope is that you will be successful in the goals you desire to achieve.


By accessing information at and through this website each user waives and releases Regal Life Coaching to the full extent permitted by law from any and all legal claims relating to the usage of all materials made available through this website.


In no event shall Regal Life Coaching be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from use of RLC’s material or for those who are coached by RLC's graduates.

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